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1/12/06 07:50 am - Tooth!

Ethan cut his first tooth yesterday - woohoo! He was obviously thrilled, and quite a cheerful, delighted baby all day as a result. He charmed the pants off everyone at Publix yesterday evening, and that's usually his fussiest time of day! He was just so happy to only be teething on one side.

Now if that other one comes in today, I will be ecstatic (and I'm sure he won't mind).

Gosh he's getting big so fast. He can already roll over (tummy to back and back to tummy) and he's got one tooth, soon to be two. My little man!

11/9/05 04:02 pm - Wanted: Infant activity center/toys

Does anyone in my local group know of anyone with a play-mat their child has outgrown and they're not planning on keeping for another baby? Ethan is JUST now getting to the stage where I think he'd really like lying down, with something soft/fuzzy/colorful hanging down that he could kick. He loves to kick. A lot. Mostly me. And that's when I realized that he NEEDS something else to kick.

I don't care if it makes the worlds most annoying sounds - I deal with "Dora, the Explorer" and her strident voice and laughable (and sad) rhyming abilities for Ethan. (Seriously, the writers seem to think "Dora" and "explorer" rhyme. There are other, worse rhymes in other songs - which get repeated. Every.single.episode. *shudder*). My little man just needs something engaging... and hopefully "indepenent play" oriented (I have to bring him to work with me and it's reduced my income earning potential quite a lot, since right now the only form of interaction he gets is me!)

Please keep me in mind and if friends of yours are clearing out nurseries or garages, ask them to let me look through their stuff before they junk it!

11/3/05 12:28 am - play date

I forgot to put this in my earlier entry: My mom made a playdate for me. She was looking for Mylicon drops at the store for me earlier, and saw a young woman there with a baby right around my son's age (four days younger). So she asked the girl, "Do you know where the gas drops are?" and the girl did, and her baby also has gas problems, and she's also a breastfeeder, etc. So my mom got her email address for me so "maybe you can hang out together!" It was too cute. I've emailed her and we'll see, but it really *would* be nice to hang out with someone who actually knows what I'm going through. My husband and I realized just how different our lives are from our friends when they asked us what WE were dressing up as for Halloween and we gave them blank stares. (These people were talking about going trick-or-treating and they don't even have kids! I feel old.)
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